5 Myths Every Apple I Phone Accessories Supplier Listens from Customers
Apple iphone accessories
Results of Using Fake iPhone Chargers
September 3, 2019
Apple iphone accessories

We read through a lot of things about the hazards of cell phones and their related accessories from people who really do not know much about technology and electronics. However, what bits of advice is valid in real sense? Lightning cables, bulk USB cables, general mobile phones cables. How much do you know about technology safety and maintenance? Every MacBook keyboard manufacturer in China hears the myths mentioned below:

5 Myths Regarding iPhone charging

Non-Apple Charger – Don’t use, it’s Dangerous!

Almost every Apple iPhone accessories supplier says that iPhone charging with a brand which is non-apple can easily damage your equipment. This is just half true. If your charger is from a trusted organization and has the label of “Made for iPhone/iPad,” then you are in a safe zone. Just avoid consuming cheap and ultra-sensitive knock off chargers and cables as many a time they are inexpensive because of lack of security mechanisms in the internal circuit.

Due to these cheap products you continuously hear about iPhone batteries exploding or smartphones combusting spontaneously.

While Charging, keep away from attending phones

Make sure you don’t use your phone during charging. This myth created from an anomaly incident in which a device of the iPhone user exploded. The reality is that the user was using a knock off the charger. The charger caused the destruction. The act of using or charging a phone at the same time is inherently not dangerous.

Remember! Don’t leave your phone on Charge Overnight

So many users keep their phones on charge overnight to have a fully charged device when they woke up. This does not damage the apple device. Your smart device is smart enough to stop consuming in energy from the power source once it has completed the charging activity. Your iPhone can remain to charge plug-in even when it is no longer getting a charge.

You cannot Use an iPad Charger on the iPhone

Actually, you can plug-in your iPhone charger and charge the device in half a time when you use an iPad charger on 12-Watt contrary to the 5-Watt charger which comes with your smartphone.

Apple iphone accessories

You Never Required to Turn Off your iPhone

This is actually not true. Most of iPhone users never turn off their phones. While it is not the worst thing in the world, it is not certainly helping your phone’s battery at all. As per apple geniuses, turning off the phone from time to time can help to improve the life of the battery.

Wrap Up

Frayed and damaged cables can cause a fire hazard. In fact, thousands of home fires were started back in 2008 as a result of electrical malfunctions or failures. That is why cable maintenance is very vital. Generally, smartphones have a lifespan of around two years. However, this can be minimized by forgetting to take care of your cell phone cables.

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